Sean White

Sean White is a high-tech executive, entrepreneur, inventor, and musician who has spent his career leading innovative development of the experiences, systems, and technologies that enable creative expression, connect us to each other, and enhance our understanding of the world around us. He was most recently the founder and CEO of BrightSky Labs, a company he incubated while an EIR at Greylock Partners, and is currently teaching CS377m: HCI Issues in Mixed & Augmented Reality at Stanford University.

Follow Sean at @seanwhite.

Expanding the Foundations of the Open Web

The openness and ubiquity of the web has given us the freedom to express ourselves, create and tinker. Now the web is expanding beyond the screen to VR, AR, Speech, and the Internet of Things. In the closing keynote, Sean White will discuss what signs we can look for to visualize where the web is going and what role can a developer play in the future of the open web.