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Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn is a designer, developer, and entreprenerd living in the California Bay Area. She’s a part of the developer relations team at DreamFactory, the author of Hello Web App, and creator of WeddingLovely. She's also an avid outdoorswoman and would love to go on a hike with you.

Follow Tracy at @limedaring.

Design for Non-Designers

13 September, 2016
@ Main Stage, 10:00

Not everyone can hire a professional designer for their websites and web apps, but we all still want our interfaces to be easy to use and attractive. However, if you want to learn a bit of design, design books jump straight into concepts like "the golden ratio" and teach proper typographic terms which, to be frank, aren't needed if you're just looking to improve your website's look and feel.

This talk will cover the top quick ways to improve your website, covering both user experience as well as visual design. Quick hits, easy to understand and utilize principles that anyone can use to improve their design skills. Perhaps you too can become the next designer+developer unicorn!

Q&A Session on UX and Design

14 September, 2016
@ 1st Floor: Discussion corner A - (Atelier A), 14:45

Let's talk more about all things design and layout during this time to ask questions and get answers.