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Lena Reinhard

Lena Reinhard likes computers a lot, but she's always been more interested in the humans who work with them. She's a Team Lead at Travis CI, and through her work, Lena aims to support change in the tech industry to make it more accessible, diverse and inclusive. Lena currently lives in Berlin and really loves Alpacas.

Follow Lena at @lrnrd.

Opening Keynote: Existing in Tech

14 September, 2016
@ Main Stage, 09:30

Over the past few years, several CSS methodologies and JavaScript frameworks have been released. In one year, we receive 32,120 business emails. Every weekday, we're active on Slack for 2 hours 15 minutes. Technology is moving fast, and constantly, there's so much going on. We constantly have to adapt in an ever-changing environment, while somehow still doing our job of building proper, functioning software to the latest tight-super-unrealistic deadline.

This talk will look at the human side of our daily work in technology. Together, we will examine which factors affect us physically and emotionally in our work. We'll learn how they lead to pressure, stress, self-consciousness and ultimately burnout, and we'll find out how to identify early warning signs of being affected. You'll leave with a realistic look at your own, human capabilities, and the knowledge of what you can do to take care of yourself while working on software.