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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is Developer Advocate on the Web team at Google. He started helping build the web in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of the NCSA Mosaic browser. He then spent fifteen years at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer, and then joined Google in 2010. He has a particular interest in enabling awesome user experiences and hacking on audio and MIDI in the web platform, and is a long-time participant in various web standards working groups. He chairs the Web Platform Incubation Group at the W3C, and also sits on the W3C Advisory Board.

Follow Chris at @cwilso.

Demystifying Progressive Webapps

13 September, 2016
@ Ground Floor: Discussion corner D - Saal (Social room), 14:00

You might have already caught the bug—or may have never heard the whizz around these "Progressive Webapps" that's swirling around? What are they? Come to learn about and try building supercharged Web Applications with engaging, fast user experiences and offline support. Learn about the components underpinning these new tools and APIs, bring your computer get to know service workers, webapp manifests, web push and the principles driving the web platform, like "offline-first" and "progressive enhancement".

Basic web development knowledge is required to participate in the hands-on examples, but not for the talks and introductions into the driving principles/philosophy behind these upcoming Web Platform technologies.

Progressive Web Apps is the new Ajax

14 September, 2016
@ Main Stage, 10:30

This is a transformative moment for the web. The revolution that is happening now is no less revolutionary than what happened a decade ago with Ajax - we can finally build reliable, fast and engaging apps on web technologies. In this talk, I'll dive into the what, why and how of Progressive Web Apps - describe what a "Progressive Web App" really is, show the opportunities in building them, and point you on your way to becoming a Progressive Web App developer.

Progressive Webapps Q&A

14 September, 2016
@ Ground Floor: Discussion corner D - Saal (Social room), 14:00

Everything you wanted to know about progressive webapps and upcoming modern web platform features, bringing native-parity to browsers — this is your chance for an answer! Chat with experts from Mozilla, Google and renowned web developers about the peaks and perils of the web platform and progressive webapps. Have you ever run into problems? Noticed a bug in a browser implementation? Building or planning a product and interested in first-hand information from people at the helm of Web Platform development, bring your concerns to the table at View Source.